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Chef Pastor Errol Clay


Chef Pastor Errol Clay (also affectionately known as CPEC & Pastor Clay) is a native of Fort Bend County, Texas and serves as the visionary, founder & lead pastor of Flavor Church (also based in the Fort Bend area).

CPEC was educated in Fort Bend ISD (attending Ridgemont Elementary; Hunter's Glen Elementary; Quail Valley Middle; Willowridge High & also John Foster Dulles High). He is a proud 1995 graduate of Dulles High.

Upon graduation, he received a music scholarship to Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas, where he played in the world-renowned "Ocean of Soul" Marching Band as a drummer on the very soulful & seductive "Funk Train" drum line.

From there, he transferred to Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service. At Commonwealth, he nurtured his God-given passion to minister to hurting people during one of the roughest times in their lives. As a result, at age 21 Pastor Clay was blessed to receive his degree in Mortuary Science. By age 22, he became a licensed Funeral Director in The State of Texas.  

Well, by God’s Grace on August 4, 2016, The Clays passed the Texas Funeral Service Commission’s new funeral establishment inspection with flying colors and were blessed to officially open up Clay’s Mortuary & Cremations – a full service, licensed mortuary & cremation establishment in the Cinco Ranch area of Katy, Texas. Clay’s Mortuary & Cremations has a five-star vision of: Serving Families. Celebrating Lives. For more info contact: Clay’s Mortuary & Cremations – 21929 Highland Knolls Drive – Katy, Texas 77450 – 281.CLAY.WAY (281.252.9929) Web: ClaysMortuary.com or Email: office@ClaysMortuary.com

What’s more, Pastor Clay also furthered his education at the College of Biblical Studies in Houston, alongside his wife, until the demands of family, ministry & funeral service interrupted his quest for additional formal education.

On a personal note, Pastor Clay was saved as a child and began his work in ministry at Miracle Chapel COGIC in Houston, which was founded by his late parents in the Mid-70's.

As a pastor's kid, his Kingdom Hand of Service has literally touched just about every facet of church life. He has served in many ways, including: kid preacher, choir member, janitor, receptionist, top fundraising candy peddler, and gofer/errand boy.

Pastor Clay's two favorite servant roles were 1) getting to serve as his former pastor's armor bearer and of course 2) "the creme de la creme", which is having the honor of serving as the church's drummer.

An accomplished drummer, he proudly served the music ministry from around the age of 3 or 4 up until age 21 when the church disbanded.

Then, in late 1998 to early 1999, he felt the call of God to start a fresh non-denominational & multi-cultural church in the Fort Bend County area. His target area at that time was in the Lexington & Dulles Avenue area and he pursued it with full vigor.

However, as he & his wife attempted to spy out this land, the inaugural cost to start a new church in the affluent Fort Bend area (& from scratch) appeared to be just too much for this 21-year-old newlywed and new kid on the block.

In hindsight though, we now know that it wasn't the right season for Pastor Clay to flavor Fort Bend.

Oh, but now by God's Grace...that season is at hand!

Still pursuing his call to ministry, on March 7, 1999, Just God Church International was birthed. This very unique & non-traditional ministry launched inside of the Clays' 900 square foot Heights area condo in NW Houston. In fact, it began with a total of 5 people.

Just God would go on to faithfully feed countless numbers of hungry souls (both naturally & spiritually) all over the world. This dedicated and laborious ministry's Kingdom-centered service spanned the course of over 15 years until finally closing its doors in the Summer of 2014.

Through it all, these 15 Years of Pastoral Preparation garnered Pastor Clay & his family their much-deserved ministry stripes.

Plus, they have been equipped with the seasoning that's required to take a colossal vision such as "Flavor" from "From Grassroots to Greatness!"

Unfortunately, Pastor Clay's young life has also been filled with more than enough tragedy for a lifetime, because he's had to bury both parents, two of his biological children (a son & a daughter), his mother-in-law & his grandfather; all of whom he was extremely closely knitted to. He is truly a man who knows the pain of grief, but has continued to stand for God in the midst of it all.

Furthermore, Pastor Clay credits his willingness to stay saved & sane in the midst of such chaos to his fervent prayer life, real relationship with Jesus, his super supportive wife (& helpmeet) and also his 5-Star team of "Spiritual Mothers, Fathers & Mentors."

Thus, he strongly lives by Jeremiah 3:15, John 10:10, Ephesians 4:11-16 & 3 John 2, believing that he has what it takes to encourage & enhance his generation for Jesus by..."Developing Well-Balanced Believers Who Flavor The World!"

In a nutshell, CPEC is a Son of God, husband, father, intercessor, spiritual chef, mentor, spiritual father, licensed funeral director, visionary & Kingdom entrepreneur.

He and his wife, J. Melinda, are the proud parents of three children; Alex, miracle daughter: Eden, and their miracle son: EJ3. The Clays reside in Fort Bend County and have a great love for their fellow Texans, especially those of the Fort Bend area. They are truly called to serve!

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Pastor J. Melinda Clay

Co-Founder/Lead Pastor/Administrator/Worship Leader

Hi, I'm J. Melinda Clay aka "The Chefette" and I serve along side my husband (Chef Pastor Errol Clay) as the Co-Founder, Lead Pastor, Worship Leader and Senior Administrator of FLAVOR CHURCH in the Fort Bend County area of Texas. Ultimately, our unique ministry's passion/emphasis is to see lives Enriched, Well-Balanced, Whole and Dysfunction-Free. That's why we've committed ourselves to: "Developing Well-Balanced Believers Who F.L.A.V.O.R. The World!"

Additionally, I'm the founder of both the Goddaughters™ & G.R.A.P.E. Girls™. These twin women-flavoring fellowships (designed for all women) were created to assist them in reuniting back to their true Father who is God. In fact, our humorous and unorthodox theme for the Goddaughters™ is..."Who's Your Daddy?" What's more, our theme for the G.R.A.P.E. Girls™ is..."She's Pretty, Prosperous, God-Picked & Squeeze to Please!"

Through the Goddaughters™ & G.R.A.P.E. Girls™, many women who've lacked that loving male figure in their lives are now partaking in a healthy & supernatural relationship w/Papa God that's like none other.

When not ministering to God & His People, I divide my time between cultivating myself (both naturally & spiritually), while also faithfully developing my business-related entities. One of my most recent entrepreneurial roles includes serving alongside my husband at Clay’s Mortuary & Cremations. There I am our firm’s administrator and top Pre-Need counselor, certified as a Pre-Need Agent with the Texas Service Life Insurance Company (of Austin, Texas).
Then, saving the best for last, I also enjoy spending quality time fellowshipping with my husband, daughters Alex & Eden and our very energetic son EJ3 (Errol J. Clay, III), as well as enjoying life and loving on other close family & friends.

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Worship Leader
for our Flavor & Glory Worship Team

Job Description:

Flavor Church is seeking an anointed and professional individual to fill the position of Worship Leader at our 10:00 AM contemporary worship service.

• Musical Ability: The Worship Leader must primarily have strong musical, instrumental, and vocal competencies in both the modern and contemporary styles. They must be knowledgeable of current trends in worship in both the contemporary and modern styles.
• Leadership: The Worship Leader must possess strong leadership skills in order to form, sustain, and improve the volunteer worship teams.
• Spiritual Maturity: The Worship Leader is not simply a musician but a spiritual leader within our congregation. As such they should be pursuing Christ in their own life, be able to spiritually disciple the worship team, and be aware of and address the spiritual needs of our congregation. They should also possess a theology closely aligned with our church.

• Team leader: The Worship Leader will schedule, organize, and lead weekly practices for worship team.
• Song selection: The Worship Leader is responsible for staying current with new worship songs, as well as having the breadth of knowledge to be able to effectively select and implement new songs into the two services.
• Multimedia. The Worship Leader will work with our multimedia staff to coordinate elements of the service and explore and implement creative visuals.
• Organization: The worship leader must possess key organization skills in order to lead the worship team with clarity and purpose, work with our administrative staff in a timely fashion, and integrate their position into the overall life of our church.
• Meetings & Rehearsals: The Worship Leader will attend weekly worship meetings & rehearsals as needed.
• Order of worship: The Worship Leader will work with the pastoral team in creating, analyzing, and improving the order of worship at our services.
• Pastoral team: The Worship Leader will collaborate with and take direction from the pastoral team on a weekly basis. They should be someone who is excited by a culture of continual improvement.

Please submit the following to the church office (411@GetFlavored.org):
1. Cover letter
2. Resume
3. A link to a video showing you leading worship

Pay is negotiable!

for Flavor’s Butter House Band

Job Description:

Flavor Church is seeking a gifted and professional individual to fill the position of “Keyboardist” at our 10:00 AM contemporary worship service.

• Musical Ability: The keyboardist must primarily have strong musical and instrumental competencies in both the modern and contemporary styles. They must be knowledgeable of current trends in worship in both the contemporary and modern styles.


• Rehearsals: The keyboardist will attend weekly rehearsals.
• Must be prompt and should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to each scheduled service.

Please submit the following to the church office (411@GetFlavored.org):
1. Cover letter
2. Resume
3. A link to a video showing you playing
4. Your own equipment will be needed until we can purchase our own

Pay is negotiable!

Please Note - Flavor is a brand new church just getting started. However, if you're willing to grow with us in the grassroots stage, we will definitely make it worth your while as we begin supernaturally sprouting.